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With expertise across most verticals, PetriDigital will dive into your industry trends, challenges and opportunities. Offering industry expertise and knowledge from our experience, we deliver solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition to achieve your business goals.

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Our Proven Dynamics 365 Process

We approach every client with our proven process of Plan-Build-Run. Guiding you through the entire development process and implementation of new go-to-market strategies, this foundation results in real-time attributable marketing-led revenue.


Readiness audit that examines your current organizations, goals and processes to help assess your current abilities and strategies. After the audit, executive level workshops are held to help turn your goals into a strategic plan that will guide your teams to success. 


We begin the implementation process by understanding your technological capabilities, database correlation and contact database management. We then design and configure custom templates, journeys, as well as performance reports and engagement dashboards.  


We’ll collaborate with your marketing and sales teams to design and run campaigns that will scale your solution based on your demand funnel, while avoiding the costs and time delays that are common to larger internal organizations. 

"PetriDigital works logically and asks intelligent questions. From helping set-up our entire platform to building out attribution modelling. We've excited to continue our relationship together."
Matt Lawton
Five by Five (CEO)

Let's Grow Your Sales

Claim your $1,950 audit for FREE! We set-up a strategy on how we can improve your online footprint. We also outline all the opportunities there is for your business. 

This is completely free without any obligation of signing up for our services.

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We will ask you the following questions! We want to create impact immediately. 


Simply put: Digital Marketing is advertising through Digital channels. These channels include website, social media, email, search engines and any digital channel. If we want to make it even more simple.

Digital Marketing is any form of communication to sell a service or product that uses an electrical device.

A strategy session is relatively simple. It’s understanding your business’s current situation, desired aspiration and seeing if PetriDigital can fill in that gap.

At PetriDigital, our aim is to have an honest and credible conversations with everyone we work with and that’s why we offer a FREE 30-min Digital Marketing strategy session with one of our marketing specialists.

We look at your industry, competitors, and website. Then set up a strategy on how we can help improve your online presence. We then explore your opportunities to grow.

This process is free without any commitment of signing up for our services. Get in touch with us now and claim this FREE offer before your competitors do and crush your sales’ growth!


SEM (or PPC) is Pay Per Click using Google ads focuses on spending a specific ammount to advertise your website. PPC will reach results faster, while SEO involves more time. SEO & SEM (PPC) are crucial digital strategies to boost your online authority. In the long rune, SEO always has the better cost per customer. That’s why it’s critical to work on both at the same time.

At PetriDigital, we begin building out your SEO strategy while focusing on getting leads today with SEM (PPC).

will vary slightly based on the size of the project. Given these markets are based on the auction system, we simply can’t provide you with enough a specific price until we get a full picture of your industry and goals.

Creating the right campaign requires time and study to get it right. For us to achieve this, we’d like to get to know you better. Get in touch with us today for a FREE strategy session, so we can learn more about you and get you the type of results you’re after.